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Simon says - The Ex-Communicator

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December 18th, 2010

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02:25 pm - Simon says
So this is a gif of Simon saying he is going to kill Jesus. He is so incredibly bad-ass, I love it.

But I don't want to upset my good friends who are religious, and I should say that I am absolutely certain that the Misfits Christmas Special will be about some guy who is using superhero powers to pretend to be Jesus, to do evil, who thoroughly deserves what is no doubt coming to him. Putting this out as a trailer is just pour épater la bourgeoisie.

The good news is that it was announced yesterday that Misfits Season 3 has been commissioned. The audience is still not high (1.2m)* but it's much higher than it used to be, I assume as people like me try to put the word out. I feel happy like when Breaking Bad won all the Emmys. Oh man, that was a good day too.

* I think that's quite good for E4

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