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Misfits: this is how to do sex and violence

This is my third post about Misfits. I have now decided I really love the show. I am very excited about that because it's ages since I really liked any SF show, any British show, or any comedy show. All the shows I have enjoyed in the last few years have been mainstream American dramas like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

So it's terrific for me to find a home-grown show, and low budget comedy/SF to boot, which is bloody fantastic. Though I must say my feeling is that like Breaking Bad it is becoming less comedic and more heart-breaking as it goes.

The second season has been even better than the first season I think. It's been more substantial, and the characters have gained depth. Misfits reminds me of Red Dwarf: the first season set up an interesting premise, which was enough to keep you watching, but it was only as the characterisation developed that it became something more than a clever idea. I think a third season is assured, and I am hopeful.

It took me a while to warm to the show because it has a style I am not used to: very in-your-face. For example, when two characters were mutually masturbating I tore my headphones off, because I really didn't like listening to the squelching sounds. Having said that, I thought the sexual shenanigans of season 2 were a great improvement, and what you see is fairly explicit, but also well integrated into the story. And not exploitative of women I thought. The big sex scene of 2.03 was very girl-positive I thought. And it got a strong positive reaction from girl fans. Crikey.

It's also quite violent. The character I like best, Simon, actually killed a woman and put her in a freezer, which is pretty far down my list of sympathetic actions, but again - well integrated into the show, makes sense in context. I am thinking now about why the sex and violence in this show isn't as risible as Torchwood. Perhaps I should be grateful to Torchwood for having gone where no man had gone before, and opening the way for someone to do it better. (sorry Torchwood fans).

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