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I still haven't quite finished watching both seasons of Misfits. I was quite critical of the young actors' performances after watching just the first two episodes, and I have changed my mind about that, which is why I am posting now to say I was wrong. To be fair to myself, I think the standard actually improved as the series developed, but more importantly I came to understand better what they were trying to do, and I can differentiate them better from each other. So all in all I was wrong. Sorry about that.

In particular Iwan Rheon as Simon is very good. His performance is brilliantly based on Ian Curtis of Joy Division, and he is in control of it, and also in control of the character development. This only became clear to me as I watched more, because at first I thought he was a one-note loner/weirdo, and I was also quite annoyed that the show was presenting him as ridiculous and unlikeable. Now I realise he's actually at the core of the show.

You know how you become a fan of a series and you think 'I am unusual because I prefer...' Jayne, let us say, or Data, or Vila. Some character whom the other characters within the story belittle. Then you find out this is quite a widespread fannish reaction. And that perhaps the character is patronised within the show, by the other fictional characters, but not patronised by the show.

Yes. Simon. I was wrong. Best character on the show. The other extremely good character is Lauren Socha as Kelly the working class girl. Again, a good performance which I underestimated at first. Great to see her doing her stuff, without compromise. She doesn't become likeable by becoming more middle class, thank goodness, she's just likeable.

I see that Misfits was created by Howard Overman, who was behind Vexed, the police series with Toby Stephens as a complete git. I took strongly against Vexed after one epsiode. Toby Stephens had a lot of dialogue similar to the characters in Misfits. I think the stupid twat persona works better when presented as a teenager, than when embodied by a mature actor. Smirking garbage just seemed grotesque coming out of the mouth of handsome grown-up Toby S, who is the age and physical presentation of people I hang out with. When splurted out by an immature tosser (for instance Nathan) you are prepared to work around it, assume he doesn't know any better, and see where he goes. When a guy in his thirties comes out with it, he comes across as having serious social problems.

The reason for that digression is I think Overman probably has a thing he is trying to do, about layers of character, and (for example) selfish men coming to value women, without losing the comedy sexism. But I think the way he chooses to do it works better in Misfits than in Vexed.

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