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Mad Men D+D alignment chart

andrewducker linked to a great Mad Men character alignment chart" (you know the 'chaotic evil/ neutral good' thing you get). And there's a great discussion of it on metafilter today.

This is what I mean about a proper TV show:
Pete is the Hellmouth
Betty is no more understandable than a demon that just waltzes along, fucking shit up.

I like this comment: 'My favorite mad men game to play is "I like to think I'm ... but I know I'm really ...". For women it's usually "I like to think I'm Joan but I know I'm really ..." I know I am Trudy. My SO knows he is Lane.'

OK: I like to think I am Don but really I am... probably Harry? Lazy, greedy and lucky?

And mightygodking, the creator of the chart, steps up to respond:
Speaking as the person who made the chart, let me just say that I only did it to drive more hits to my webcomic which you should totally read, but that having been said, in order:

1.) Lane is basically a decent person by Mad Men standards. He's polite and courteous as much as possible, generally tries to do the right thing, but always works within The Rules. LG, for a given value of the alignment that's time specific.

2.) I had more qualms at putting Peggy at NG than I did Lane at LG, because if we were gonna be all technical her G would be in parentheses to indicate tendencies, like we did in the old days when we had paramanders. But Peggy fits well enough here.

3.) Sally at CG was kind of a cheat. I could have gone with Sal, maybe. But fuck it, these things are never perfect and little kids are chaotic but Sally has a moral streak as well, so let's run with it.

4.) Joan at LN was easy. She knows the system and works within it. Peggy, less lawful than Joan, gamed it. Joan didn't, and that's what you need to know about Joan in this context.

5.) Don at N... the entire show is about Don trying to reinvent himself as a better person and how he succeeds and fails at doing that. Out of all my picks, Don was the defining one: he's the center of the alignment wheel and the center of the show.

6.) Harry at CN is definitely a bit of a cheat. I disagree with the person who said that Harry was just a weaker Roger Sterling; Harry's not as malicious as Roger is and has the capability for guilt, although he's definitely losing that as time passes. But he's more chaotic than Roger is: he creates his own opportunities and basically invents a new job where he does whatever he feels like.

7.) Pete was easy for LE: the Evil is obvious. (Don feels guilt. Pete almost never does. That's why Don isn't Evil and Pete is.) The Lawful is that Pete is cowed by and respects authority in a way that others (like Roger) aren't.

8.) Roger is totally self-interested and basically amoral. The second easiest alignment after Don.

9.) Now that I've been called out for being sexist for saying that Betty, the show's primary villain, is CE... Oh come on. Look, I totally agree that Betty is the product of abuse and totally fucked up in her own right, but Don is just as fucked up as she is and he somehow manages to not be borderline abusive, capricious as all get out, and just plain mean (and Betty quite clearly likes being mean on a regular basis). Just because there are reasons that Betty is a bad person doesn't make her any less of a bad person.

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