Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Five things

from cruisedirector

1. What is your favorite theme song?

nana nana nana nana... yes, it's Batman

2. What is your favorite soundtrack?

Pulp Fiction

3. What song(s) reminds you of your fandom(s)?

'Losing my religion' reminds me of Blakes 7
'Californication' reminds me of LA Confidential

4. What song reminds you of your pairing?

I don't think I have a pairing as such

'Can't take my eyes off you' reminds me of Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce in Ravenous: 'you'd be like heaven to touch.'
'Moon River' reminds me of Aragorn and Boromir this week. Don't know why: 'we're after the same rainbow's end' I suppose.

5. What songvid best represents your fandom?

Ah. I love songvids, but I am a bit ignorant about them, only having had broadband for a short time. I'm always open to recommendations. The songvids in my head are brilliant if that helps.
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