Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Ruddy freezing

My Google home page gives me the weather forecast for Coventry. That is currently telling me the temperature outside is -9C, and the Met Office is forecasting it rising to -7C by 9am, not going above freezing at any point in the next week. I know friends in Scandanavia and Canada will think this is nothing, but it's unusually cold for November in Coventry. I don't think we got as cold as -9C at all last winter.

My children are home from University this weekend, which is so lovely. I am very happy to see them. I was going to drag them on a nice walk this morning but I think I will let them off the hook. They are still asleep at the moment. or possibly awake but pretending to be asleep so I don't get any healthy ideas.

My brother moved a few weeks ago, to live in a cottage in rural Northumbria, a few miles from Berwick. He'll be seeing some snow up there.
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