Communicator (communicator) wrote,

New SF telly

I am thinking, what SF has there been on the telly this year? The main examples I can think of, new on TV this year, are Doctor Who and Misfits. It's thin pickings for British telly. American SF shows that have been on over here - Walking Dead, Flashforward, the last season of Lost and the remake of V. Oh yes, Heroes just petered out during 2010.

Other people have mentioned Fringe, Eureka and Warehouse 13, none of which I have seen: Warehouse 13 is on one of the freeview channels, but I don't think the other two are?

ETA - Caprica. Heard only bad things. Oh, and the new Stargate with Robert Carlyle - the second season has just started airing I think? I'm surprised I don't hear more about this, but I think Stargate may be a little universe all of itself.

And ETA - The Event. I watched one episode, and despite some slightly camp girl violence it didn't really grab me.
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