Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Spooks and Walking Dead

Just thought I would briefly update on these two shows, because I had mentioned them before, and I was intending to come back and say more later. Short answer - each one is a bit iffy.

Episode 2 of Walking Dead was standard zombie movie stuff for 45 minutes. Group of diverse enthicity trapped in a big department store by a load of zombies. The middle class white guy told the women and the hispanic guy and the two african-americans and the racist redneck what to do. Everyone obeyed him except the white woman, who defied him, for a bit, and then started batting her eyelashes, and the redneck whom he beat up. It's hard to see what the point of the show is. I will give episode 3 a chance.

The final episode of Spooks kind of overshot itself. The plot tried to cover a lot of emotional ground, but I think it lost credibility. As in a soap, extreme things happened which didn't integrate all that well into a coherent story-arc. Here's a nice quick comment on the Guardian. British security seems to be run by about five people, all with serious emotional problems, and double-figure IQs. It's like Torchwood all over again!

TV - you Must Try Harder to please me.
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