Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Manchester lives up to its rep

I had the most tiring day yesterday. My daughter has managed to get a transfer to less expensive student accommodation. And the new place is much nicer. (Those who know the area, she is now at the big Fallowfield complex). Anyway, so I went up to Manchester, and drove backwards and forwards between the two places taking her stuff. We managed it in two loads, and then went out for pasta.

That would have been fine, except that Manchester decided to deliver the heaviest rain ever all day. It was so frightening driving about, because it was sledging down, and the spray up, and I couldn't see the road markings, and everyone else knew where they were going, and I got loudly horn-blasted (justifiably) twice for nearly going the wrong way. OMG. I'm just glad I didn't cause an accident.

And then when we walked up the road to the Italian restaurant, I got utterly drenched. I mean, I had a coat on, but my trousers got so wet. When we got to the restaurant I went to the ladies loos, took my trousers off, and held them under the hand dryer until they were wearably damp instead of sodden. I've never done that before.

Home down the rain-blasted M6 and sleep like a log.
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