Communicator (communicator) wrote,

All in the brain

This is just the latest example of a fallacy that annoys me whenever I see it. This time it's about sex, but I've seen it said about depression and anger (though always in women).
(Brain) Scans appear to show differences in brain functioning in women with persistently low sex drives, claim researchers... The US scientists behind the study suggest it provides solid evidence that the problem (of low libido in women) can have a physical origin.

So, because a psychological experience (lack of sexual desire) has a physical corollary (electrical activity in the brain) this is 'solid evidence' that low libido is caused by the physical structure of women's brains, not by emotional and social influences on them?

This is garbage. If - as I think we all believe - mental events are brain events, then all mental events will have a physical corollary. If you have a toothache, there will be associated electrical activity in the brain. That doesn't prove the toothache is the result of the physical structure of the brain, and there's no need to go to a dentist.

I'd also ask what kind of 'erotic videos' women were shown, that they 'failed' to react to. Because most of the mainstream porn I have ever seen is designed to appeal to men, and does very little for me. Whereas watching Spooks last night... well.

Anyway, ray of sunshine: 'Other experts in psychosexual medicine are not entirely convinced'. Thank heavens for that.
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