Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Trivial whinge

This is a very silly post. A couple of women sitting behind us at the Hamlet matinee ate noisily for the full three and a half hours. WTF? I'm not overly sensitive to noise in the theatre. If the same amount of rustling and munching had been distributed among 100 people, the actual sound wouldn't have bothered me. It was just that after a couple of hours of listening to them eat, you felt like saying 'You can't still be hungry?'

One of our friends said afterwards you expected them to fire up a barbecue and start grilling themselves a few burgers. It was literally getting funny by the end, as they popped Pringles lids, and unwrapped toffees and scraped away at ice cream cartons. I don't know how they carried that much food with them.

Anyway, I assume the problem was that they had no interest in that silly business on the stage, so food was all that they had to get them through the long afternoon. I could have smacked 'em.

(ETA - my comment on the play itself is here)
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