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Mad Men 4.9 ('The Beautiful Girls')

Feeling more cheery now. I am watching Mad Men 4.9 ('The Beautiful Girls'). This was typed as I watched, so it's a bit disjointed, but I've tried to correct the typos after the fact:

- How the hell do they do it? I'm all churning emotion this week, and here they are writing like raunchy fanfiction. The double-layering this season is very hilarious. The meta-text this week seems to be ... sexual innuendo. For some reason. Other than that it's a feminist story.

- Peggy's lesbian friend comes to the office and asks her on a pretend date, and the Art Director (who is secretly in love with Peggy) reminds me of Jayne: 'I'll be in my bunk'. Then he starts singing 'Downtown' in a sarcastic voice. Didn't I post before that I thought that song was about cunnilingus? Guess I'm not the only one who had that thought.

- OK, ten minutes in now, and the script is almost non-stop sexual innuendo this week. It's like a Carry On film. (Roger 'I was giving her a hard time - can I interest you in the same?' oo-er missus). Why are they doing this? It's quite funny.

- Joan just answered the door in her pyjamas and there are two women in nurses' uniforms to give her a surprise Swedish massage. WTF.

- 13 minutes in. Damn the file has broken. Reload. Reload. Will post more when I get a fully working file. I hope they do some guy stuff too.


ETA - OK I watched the rest of it and it really calmed down after the first ten minutes. They built up a kind of ridiculous froth, and then the tone shifted, and serious themes were introduced, for example the tension between gender and racial equality in sixties radicalism. I think as a result of this sudden lurch of tone the whole episode seemed a bit contingent and unfinished. As with the last episode I am sure they are doing something quite significant but I haven't completely cottoned on to what it is yet. Perhaps when I re-watch this episode it will make more sense.

There was some continuing Benny-Hill style innuendo ('I hear your boyfriend pulled a boner' etc.) right up to the end, but the message seems to be about the integration of sex into real life relationships, and our intimations of mortality.

Incidentally the little girl playing Don's daughter continues to impress me like crazy. Ten years old, she was impersonating Don this week? I mean, her acting was intended to convey how like her father she is. And it did. How did they get a little kid like that to do something so ambitious?

The second episode in a row to make an unusual stylistic choice - in this case innuendo. And yet another episode this season which ends on a closing door, a lift this time carrying three women who have all chosen not to be mothers. I'm sure all will become clear.

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