Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Yay Mr White! Yay science!

Aaron got the Emmy! Aaron and Bryan - Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor last night. Get down! Third year in a row for beautiful Bryan. Aaron's first time.

I could just look at this photo all day.

And Mad Men the well deserved best drama series.

I literally have no idea what people in the US think about the Emmys, it's not really part of my culture, perhaps they think it's cheesy, but I am so happy because this means the whole high risk project is vindicated and celebrated, and much more secure in the long term. And also because I am sure this means that other people as well as me get what is going on. Significant people with influence, which is so nice having been a fan so long of dramas that are overlooked and under-compensated. Sometimes I feel like just me and a few fans understand modern culture :-)

Literally I got out of bed this morning and I had to go Google if Aaron had got it.

I also want to say that we are living in a golden age. It's like being in London in 1599 and being able to go the theatre. It's like waiting for Lyrical Ballads to arrive by coach. Great stuff.

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