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Jesse needs direction

Hmmm.... this is possibly my most self-indulgent post ever, but never mind. I am partly just compiling this in one place for future reference. And now I am off to see happytune's new house in Leicester.

Interview: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul:
Cranston: Jesse is an idiot.

Paul: A lovable idiot.

Cranston: You baffle me with the depth of your ignorance. And me, you're probably saying, "He's such an old fart" ....

Paul: Yet they're both very lonely at times. All they have is each other.

Cranston: Walt's not immune to Jesse's boyish charms. Jesse needs direction. At the beginning, it served me to give him that direction... But now I begrudgingly feel for him. I don't think Walt would admit it. But it's there.

Paul: Both of these guys are obviously in a lot of denial about what they're doing.

Transcript: Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode 7 'One Minute':Read more...Collapse )

Fanfiction: Christmas in Albuquerque by fakepoptart. Very accomplished slash fiction, one of only two or three I think ever written.

Lafftrack: Scene from episode 'Fly' with dubbed lafftrack.

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