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Aaron Paul for Emmy

I think it's the Emmy awards this Sunday? I predict Aaron Paul will get Best Supporting Actor, though he's up against some high class competition including John Slattery as Roger Stirling and Terry O'Quinn as John Locke. I am not certain, but are Emmys given for a particular episode? If so, it should be 3.7 ('One Minute') where Jesse Pinkman spends most of the episode inside a ruined face, begins to assert himself against 'Mr White', and is seduced back into submission tout suite.

It seems that many actors have resources that are never exploited by most telly. You see actors from the Wire appearing now in Law & Order, and their work is just a shallow sketch compared to what the Wire allowed them to be. I don't think Aaron Paul has done much before BB, and yet in this context he has developed the character into something astonishing. I haven't praised Aaron Paul as much as Bryan Cranston because sometimes I feel uncomfortable lauding a very pretty young man, and the way his face is used in Breaking Bad means the prettiness is significant, and it makes me feel that I am just a dirty old woman. Though that of course is the point. The director(s) and cameramen are working with what there is, to emphasise the quality which calls out both good and bad things from something inside Walt (and you/me).

Here are two very short YouTube videos featuring Aaron Paul. If you are interested in what I have been posting about Breaking Bad then these are worth watching:

Love the Way You Lie: is a 45 second fan video, using very short clips from Season 3 of Breaking Bad, set to Rihanna's vocals from eminem's new track about domestic abuse. I was talking to my son this morning about the song: is eminem deconstructing male violence or wallowing in self-pity? My son is a lot more critical than me about eminem's gender commentary. Anyway, not sure whether that is a digression or right on topic. The point I think is that the way Jesse Pinkman is used and loved by Walt, is similar to the way the actor Aaron Paul himself is used within the show. The video packs a terrific punch, though I don't know how it will seem to anyone who doesn't know the heft of other meaning around every shot there.

The second is not a music video but one of those compilations on a theme (like every 'cocksucker' in Deadwood). Three and a half minutes of Jesse Pinkman saying 'bitch'. The point - and I don't think this is overthinking, it's bang on the table from minute one - the point being that Jesse is the Pink Man, the femme, and every time he is calling himself. And that is a problematic thing to say, I know.

I am interested that the fans making videos - this is a common theme from me - seem to understand what is happening in the show, and are able to convey it in a more sophisticated way - than any print media TV reviewer.

And to come full circle, that scene at 3.10 when Jesse calls Walt a 'bitch'? That's what's going to get him the Emmy.


ETA I have posted a longer list of breaking bad videos on the BB community here.

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