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'Walker! Are you still alive?'

I've just watched Mad Men 4.2 and then this scene from Point Blank. The aesthetic is the same, although the action is completely different (Lee Marvin punching a guy in the nuts vs Pete Campbell dancing the conga).

In episode 4.1 the story followed the typical - and I'm not complaining - Mad Men structure. Every event in Don Draper's life curved back on itself, and re-emerged, metaphorically, as creative genius. You could almost draw it as a flow chart: 'So well built we can't show you the second floor'. Although it was brilliant, I was worried that the writers thought they had 'got' what the series was about, and now each episode would reproduce this formula, rich as it is, a winning method. Luckily that didn't happen.

In this episode a woman - perhaps the most intelligent woman he has ever met - asks Don 'What is the fundamental conflict within each of us?' Aha - I am saying to myself - I revised this one for the test: it's the conflict between fulfilling the self, and dissolving it away.

No: 'What I want, versus what is expected of me.'

Come on, guys. I hope the writers don't think they have got to the centre of the onion with that one. Nah. As with episode 1, this is not an indication that the writers think they have got it, only that the characters do.

PS - Being Don's secretary is a bit like being Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Some go on to greater things, and some don't.

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