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These little-town blues are melting away

Two excellent TV experiences in the last day. Firstly Steven Moffat's modern-day Sherlock on BBC, with adorable Martin Freeman as Watson and sharp-tasting Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes.

Sherlockian spacefall has asked friends to avoid open spoilers so I will be super-cautious about cutting.

- I liked the way they were modern and sensible about the vexed UST issue: let's not pretend this doesn't occur to people, now let's move on
- My daughter has just read the stories and was very thrilled by the in-jokes and hidden references.
- Much better modernisation than Moffat's Doctor Jekyll
- Moffat understands Watson's function, and is building it sensibly
- Holmes more extremely dysfunctional than you might have expected, but this ties in with making Watson a meaningful necessary half of a functioning whole

Will definitely watch the next two eps

And secondly Mad Men is back. Oh yeah. Every single episode seems to speak to me directly. Take a good look at what your life is; then decide whether you want to make the most of it. Stop pissing about.

ETA Extra Mad Men Links

review of episode 4.1 from a TV blog I like

Interview with Matt Weiner

Wall Street Journal: online dialogue.

In the comments to that:
At the end of the show when he was making the (bikini ad pitch) and they didn’t like the ad because it showed too much, Don commented that if you didn't show you would be left behind by the competition. I think he realized he had been doing the same ... That’s when he felt compelled to put himself out there to the Wall Street Journal or be left behind by his competition.

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