Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Comments on News

The comments on Guardian online news stories have become pretty dire. Someone suggested as visits to the Times website have dropped by 90% since they started charging, all the old fogies are reading the G to save a few pennies, and going into apoplexy.

Comments about news on the BBC site have always been moronic.

What I find depressing, on both sites, are the comments that just seem to be a trotting out of 'the sort of arguments that might be made' without any reference to the actual case. So, a story which quotes a gaffe made by a politician in a speech, will be met with 'Yawn, bbc extremism is so boring, why not stick to reporting the FACTS?' Which doesn't even make sense for that story. And why are about a third of all comments affectations of boredom?

This kind of thing annoys me much more than cogent arguments from the right. It's like nutrition-free fibre. No, it's like those cheap sweets that look like fried eggs: no aesthetic pleasure or substantive value.
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