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Pub Quiz answers

These are the pubs featured in these films and TV shows. I may have these wrong, I haven't googled them, so let me know if you disagree:

1) Steptoe and Son: The Skinner's Arms
2) Emmerdale: The Wool Pack
3) The Likely Lads: The Fat Ox
4) Coronation Street: The Rovers Return
5) East Enders: The Queen Victoria
6) Withnail and I: The Mother Black Cap
7) American Werewolf in London: The Slaughtered Lamb
8) Shaun of the Dead: The Winchester
9) Minder: The Winchester
10) Only Fools and Horses: The Nag's Head

Bonus question: the pub Jez and Super Hans were planning to set up in Peep Show: The Swan and Paedo

Life on Mars: The Railway Arms
Ashes to Ashes: Luigi's
Hitchikers Guide: Wikipedia says The Beehive, but I think that's the name of the actual pub they used
Four Weddings: The Boatman

With six answers correct I proclaim getawaywithit the winner.

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