Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Have your tragic say

'Have your say' on the bbc site is always tragically revealing of the British mind. This thread, responding to the spurious Your Freedom website that the new govt have set up, is particularly ridiculous.

Reading through, the most popular ways for govt to 'increase our freedom':

- repeal the Human Rights act
- legalise deadly force when defending one's property
- bring back the death penalty
- get rid of speed cameras
- abolish the metric system
- name women who make rape accusations
- allow cars to drive in bus lanes
- abolish health and safety laws
- no restriction on racist speech and antisemitism
- abolish political correctness
- use water cannons on protesters
- cut scroungers' benefits
- make it legal to dig snow (sigh)

Yes, England's finest legal brains at work here. So many saying 'I demand you abolish my human rights!'

Though I think the most popular suggestion, to be fair, is legalise drugs. Good idea, but it's the one suggestion which definitely won't be adopted. I notice Theresa May announced in the House on Monday that drug legislation would be made tighter, with more substances made illegal, and a greater emphasis on abstinence.

ETA - someone is collating the stupidity at Your Freedumb (damn, wish I had thought of that title)
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