Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Lunt Fort

Can't find where I posted my poem Lunt Fort previously on this blog, so here it is again, just because it is about the New Model Army.

Lunt Fort

New forms of warfare sweep the old away.

Arjuna in his chariot heard
Robert Oppenheimer's words
‘I am become death, destroyer of worlds
I have come to destroy all people
And none will remain’.

Boudicca’s shearing wheels
The Hittite wolves
Were superseded thus.

This was the wild west of the Roman Empire
The Roman frontier and the rodeo
That broke the chariot-horses of the Celts
That broke them for the Roman cavalry
Remastered them, as you will be remastered.

‘The soldiers of all armies will die
And none will survive the onslaught of time.’

Technology of discipline and power
New Model Army
Already obsolete:

‘You are but the instrument of death
Therefore kill and do not be disturbed.’

If your enemy has chariots,
Do not seek for greater chariots;
Although your enemy has bombs,
Do not accelerate your nuclear programme
New forms emerge, but they shall pass away.
They too shall pass away.

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