Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Big Bang

The series finale of Doctor Who was excellent fun. Isn't it funny how some kinds of 'not making sense' slip you out of the story, but sometimes - and this is an example - things don't really make sense but you can get through without any interruption of enjoyment. I do agree with those who have said that the context of a collapsing universe means that arbitrary work-arounds like that time hop device aren't quite so ridiculous, and you don't worry so much that they will invalidate all past and future stories.

Despite the misgivings people had before the season began about Moffat's attitudes to women, I think both the female characters are excellent, and the sexual dynamics are fun and - y'know, not oppressively patriarchal. I like Rory's character. I think his sort of submissiveness combined with bravery is one of the ways men can be attractive, which you don't see all that often on TV. And of course River Song is a very enjoyable character.
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