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True Blood and timing

I didn't see Season 2 of True Blood, but someone said I should check out Season 3, which is showing now. I've seen the first two episodes, and - yep - it is completely gratuitous, in a cheerful way. The first episode contained whole scenes of more or less soft porn dialogue - I am sure it was totally on purpose: 'Oh, can I use your shower, I seem to have lost my shirt' (that's Bill talking to Sam). I laughed out loud. It's undoubtedly funny and cleverly done.

Reason I mention it is that in episode 2 there was a scene between Jason (Sookie's brother) and Andy the Sheriff talking in the diner - a middle aged man and a waster talking about protecting each other and so on - and I thought 'Hey, this is taking the piss out of Breaking Bad isn't it?', and then 'Come off it woman, you are imagining it'. Anyway, I am turning this question over in my mind, when blow me down, the two of them decamp to a meth lab and start throwing bags of crystals around. Tell me that's just a coincidence. I'll be interested if that's just a one-off nod, or if this will be developed as a running joke. Probably a one-off.

It's nice when a joke develops in that way, just at the speed you cotton on to it. Because the joke wouldn't have worked if the suspicion wasn't already forming, or conversely if it had been resolved. One of the things I am most impressed by in the new golden age of telly is the way the timing is so well judged. Not just of jokes of course, but revelations and conundrums and all the rest. Or perhaps I call those shows 'golden' which have pacing that matches my attention span.

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