Communicator (communicator) wrote,

England Slovenia

By gum that was torture. I mean watching the last half hour of the England - Slovenia game, worrying that Slovenia would score a fluke goal. But when the torture stopped, what remained was delight. At last we see England playing as they can and ought. The USA managed a late goal in their simultaneous match against Algeria, and this means they now top the group. This could be a good thing for England, as it might mean we meet Ghana rather than Germany in the next round.

I was going to go home to watch, but a last minute request for a briefing came through from the Department. I put that in motion as quick as I could, and there is a big screen set up at work in the Board room so I watched the match there with three of our Directors and four or five others. I like watching communally, and it was a good match as well as a good result.

Coming back to my desk I see not one email has been sent to me in the last two hours - yes, the entire country is on hold.

Anyway, the pain and joy of supporting England.
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