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BBC respond to my complaints (admittedly with answer 'no')

Incensed at the way the best program on TV (ie '24') is being disrupted by the snooker (sorry altariel but it's a travesty). I wrote to Jane Root, controller of BBC2 as follows:

Hi Jane,

I would just like to add my voices to those of all the other 24 fans, urging you to stop taking it off air every few weeks.



Not expecting any reply. However, within an hour I received the following, apparently from Jane Root herself.

Drives me mad too... but sports contracts signed many years ago have legal standing, I'm afraid and there ain't anything I can do....


She doesn't explain why they can't just move it to a different time slot. However, now I think about it, messing about with the timeslot of a program is the best way to halve its audience, so perhaps it's all for the best.

It was nice of her to answer though.
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