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Breaking Bad 3-11

This is the fourth really good episode in season 3 (archbishopm - ahem having seen it, I realise my anticipatory comment about it didn't make any sense). There is a character who is a hooker, and resembles very much the women that I meet in my voluntary job. She's given about five minutes of this episode for character development, and it really pays off: she is no longer an empty cypher. I'm not sure whether to praise this, or criticise that it has taken three seasons to get round to giving the sex workers who underwrite drug money a more rounded humanity.

Other than that, the episode ended on one of the most exciting and moving events of the season so far, but I just don't want to say anything about it. There were several really thumping events in fact.

This season is slightly feeling its way. Based on what the creators of the series said, midway in Season 1 they made a decision to subvert the characters, and the comedy premise. I think at this point they had a feeling 'Let's see how far we can take them', obviously never knowing whether they would get a renewal (further complicated by the writers' strike). I think the energy this injected took them right through season 2, which is why I keep using the term 'trajectory' for the story arc. In my mind it's like they pumped in some creative bang, and this drove it forward.

At Season 3 I think the old trajectory is running out of juice. The characters need new energy. The best episodes, like this one, pump in that energy. Other times I feel the writers are kind of moving the characters about, poking them, trying to understand what happens next.

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