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'The bit inside was even better'

I am not, to say the least, a fan of Jeremy Clarkson. However, I like this article in The Times. Looking for something to read on the beach he accidentally bought 'The Road'. Like the secret agent in Das Leben der Anderen, exposure to art makes something stir within. He enjoyed it so much he compares it to a BMW 135i (I am assuming that's a type of car):

It's by a chap called Cormac McCarthy, it’s called The Road and it’s just been made into a film... The cover was good. It looked intelligent. But the bit inside was even better. It begins with a man and a boy walking down a road in cold weather. And it ends with a man and a boy walking down a road in cold weather. In between, not much happens. But it was brilliant. Even though it is not much thicker than a pamphlet and no longer than a warning notice on a train’s lavatory door, it took me nearly a week to read. I kept going back over some of the phrases thinking: “That didn’t work.” But they do work.

I’m not sure Cormac McCarthy would be much fun as a dinner guest and neither would I seek his company after the death of a loved one or a family pet, but, God Almighty, the man can write. I read the damn thing on a beach in Barbados and it made me feel so cold I had to go and get a jumper.

My wife thought I’d gone mad. So she read it when I’d finished and when she got to the end she went and sat by herself for a while and sobbed.

Not everyone will have heard of The Road or its author. It’s a hidden jewel. It sits in the bookshops like the BMW 135i sits in the dealership.

To what extent is this a late-stage fine-tuning of his persona, and to what extent is it the account of real experience? I was being faux-naive when I said 'I assume that's a kind of car'. Is he being faux-naive when he calls the text 'the bit inside'? OK, that's an easy one - yes he is, for a laugh. Anyway, an interesting little extension of the Clarkson franchise.

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