Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Lyrics quiz

When I go to the gym I have a playlist of a couple of hundred tracks that are the right tempo for my rowing and running. I made a lyrics quiz by taking ten tracks at random from this playlist. Actually I skipped a few, like 'Boogie Nights' which is just the phrase 'boogie nights' and not much else but you get the idea.

1. Stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out
2. They all come out to groove about, be nice and have fun in the sun
3. This man was my bombers
4. You laid your hands upon me and told me who you are
5. I've had a red light off the wrist without me even getting kissed
6. Si no me quieres, librame (this is the backing lyrics)
7. Some walk like they own the place
8. All I've got is a dirty trick
9. You'll be on your knees tomorrow
10. Life's for us to enjoy: woman man girl and boy

Just identify the track and artist (any artist who has covered the track will do). Post your answers as a comment. I will screen comments so that there are no spoilers (I've never tried screening comments before, so I don't know how it works).

I really don't know how easy or hard this is. I'll post the answers probably tomorrow.
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