Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Fixed term Parliament?

If the Tories have really persuaded the Lib Dems to vote for a fixed term Parliament - no election until 2015 whatever happens, like in the USA - then they can literally screw them any way they like for five years. 'You're my wife now Dave Nick' I can't believe the Lib Dems sold themselves that cheap.

That appears to be what has just been announced on the BBC (there is a telly set up in the office at work where I am now). I haven't been able to find it confirmed online. How would it even work if the Tories lose a vote of no confidence find themselves in a position where they can't pass legislation?

ETA Thanks to coalescent for this pointer:

BBC here: We understand that under the new agreement for fixed-term parliaments, the only way to remove the government between elections would be a vote of no confidence with the support of 55% of MPs. At present, any no confidence vote requires only 50%, plus one MP.

The Tories thus gave themselves a vote of no confidence threshold too high for the Lib Dems to challenge them. Pursuing the marriage analogy - they just took away the possibility of divorce.
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