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Gillian Duffy worthy of respect

Probably everyone has heard that Gordon Brown called a Gillian Duffy 'a bigot', and his words were accidentally (ahem) caught by Murdoch-owned Sky News. I agree with a comment I read that he may have mis-heard her, and when she said 'flocking' he thought she was talking about 'fucking immigrants'. I expect he hears that phrase a lot, because some people (not this lady) do speak like that, so he jumped to a false conclusion. My guess is that something like this happened, which he could only explain to her privately, and the private conversation did have an effect.

Anyway, only good thing from the whole debacle: Gillian Duffy has turned down a sum, said to be £50-£75K, from Rupert Murdoch-owned The Sun. That is a lot of money for a working class pensioner worried about getting her grandkids through university. A lot.
Reputedly, The Sun, which has been campaigning aggressively since last October for a Conservative victory, wanted her to attack Gordon Brown in unrestrained language and declare her support for David Cameron but, after a lifetime's allegiance to the Labour Party, she would not do it.

I said before that I value loyalty very highly. In the 'political analysis' quiz it is the one way I am closer to 'conservative' than 'liberal' views, and it's the same with a lot of working class people.

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