Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Brain on strike, body doing OK

I've been working really hard and today my brain seems to have gone on strike. I thought posting that last thing might clear out some of the stuff that's been cluttering my head but it didn't work. I have been going pretty much flat out, apart from coffee with happytune on Tuesday, all week. I've been working to pressure, and hourly deadlines, and it just eased off today. I mean the deadline is next Wednesday, so I should be going for it, but I can't. It's just gone.

I'm sitting here with my gym gear on, so I might go and work out for an hour and see if that kick starts me. Or alternatively perhaps go and sit in the park with a poetry book. Or drink a few cups of coffee? Of the three I suppose the gym seems most constructive.

Or perhaps just write off today?

Incidentally I meant to post a bit about the experience of going to the hotel gym at Eastercon. It was like space marines bootcamp. Everyone had short hair and a black vest, and nearly everyone had tattoos except me. I think pretend space marines is a good fitness model for SF fans.

I am pleased in general because my fitness level just hopped up a step - I know it will plateau now - so I am going faster for longer than ever before (I mostly use the rower and the cross trainer). At my age it takes quite a bit of persistence to jump a level, and I am still pitifully low, but it really encourages me that I see a change. I don't seem to be getting any thinner, worse luck, but I am definitely getting stronger and improving my stamina. It makes me feel more physically confident too.

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