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I think this winds up my Breaking Bad posting for now

I find MBTI an interesting taxonomy of personality. It's not very subtle is it - only 16 types to cover our entire species, there are more types of grass - and it doesn't have much predictive value. But it's a handy tool or vocabulary to organise my thoughts.

Using MBTI made me realise the similarity of Walt and Jesse in Breaking bad to Avon and Vila in Blakes 7. That was my first fandom from about 15 years ago. I was just talking about that in comments to executrix. Jesse is probably ISFP while Vila is ESFP (he's more outgoing and relaxed than Jesse). They both have addictive and undisciplined lives, kind hearts, surprising technical facility. Whereas Walt and Avon are probably INTJ (I'd like to make Walt ENTJ so that both pairs have complete mirror-symmetry): wound tight, intellectual, aggressive. While Jesse-Vila is engaged in criminal enterprise in order to belong somewhere, with nowhere else to go, and money just a means, Avon-Walt is in it for the money, and emotional engagement is something he fights against to the bloody end. Both Avon and Walt pretty much lose their minds. As executrix says, each originally goes outlaw 'on behalf of someone else, although he can't be bothered to tell the other person'.

All about Santa Muerte
The barrio of Tepito... has been one of Mexico City's roughest neighborhoods since Aztec times. Famous for its black market and its boxing champions, Tepito is a place where residents learn to fight early and fight hard. These days it has also become the epicenter of Mexico's fastest-growing faith: Santa Muerte, or Holy Death, a hybrid religion that merges Catholic symbolism with pre-Hispanic worship of the skeletal Mictlantecuhtli and Mictlancihuatl, Lord and Lady of the Dead... "She accepts everyone, with faults and without."

And finally, and really for hardcore fans only, Breaking Bad blooper reel with some innuendo. I still think there is a sexual dynamic between Walt and Jesse, the actors obviously think so, but reading BB blogs and reviews I think any development would utterly alienate the few viewers they have, so I guess it ain't gonna happen.

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