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Breaking Bad 3-6 - The Ex-Communicator

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April 27th, 2010

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12:07 am - Breaking Bad 3-6
Breaking Bad 3-6 was the breakthrough episode of this season, and the last fifteen minutes produced such a rush of emotion that I could barely sit in my chair. I will write more about it tomorrow I hope. Just for now, here is the poem that the man who has replaced Jesse said to Walt in their secret lab, from memory looking into his face. It's by Walt Whitman.

When I heard the learned astronomer
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me
When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and
measure them
When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much
applause in the lecture-room
How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick
Till rising and gliding out, I wandered off by myself
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time
Looked up in perfect silence at the stars

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