Communicator (communicator) wrote,

"Let's cut benefits"

Is this a real Tory poster or some kind of joke? The first few times I saw it today I thought it was a pretty weak joke, but it seems from this context in the Guardian that it's a real campaign poster put out by the Conservatives.

... as I type this I am reading the comments on the Guardian and the author of the article confirms it is real:
We had to check with the Tories that it wasn't (a parody). It is an odd consequence of this election when your first reaction on seeing a campaign poster is to assume it is a spoof

Then I typed something about party policies and employment, but I have just deleted that, you have made up your own minds on what you support, and there hasn't been a change of policy.

I think what has changed is the direction that Andy Coulson is taking their campaign, and the way the poster presents the policies. It looks to me like a refocus on the Tory home ground, giving up the reach-out to new supporters, and no longer aiming to be a uniting party. I assume it is a reaction to the consolidation of the Lib Dems in the centre ground. It's a significant last minute change of direction. I find it a surprising tactical choice, like the similar late lurch of John McCain to the right.
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