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Some other things I did yesterday

I was supposed to be running a performance workshop, but when I turned up, that was really not what the people there needed or wanted. There was a second presenter there, who was offering practical tips, and his help was much more aligned to what the people there needed, so I had a quiet word with him and agreed that I would just sit in as a friendly face, and not do anything active. I think sometimes the best thing you can do is not do anything.

I was also helping to judge the masquerade. I am not involved in any way in the side of SF Fandom which makes and wears costumes, but I was happy to visit that world. The presentations of the gear were short and punchy, which I think makes the whole thing lively and easy on the audience.

I don't know if I will wish I could un-say this, but I thought the cabaret which followed was too variable in quality to be a complete success. I think there needed to be a more ruthless pruning of the items, and perhaps a shortening even of the strongest pieces. I think what is appropriate to share with a small group of cheerful friends is different from what it is appropriate to share with a big audience. I think I know what brings this about - we all know we are to some extent minority and outsider people in our different ways, and therefore we value welcoming and inclusion - but sometimes a filtering is required. Filtering for purpose is not judging people for their worth as people.

Having said that there were several items which were of high quality.

I saw Doctor Who in someone's hotel room with a bunch of fans including one who had seen the rushes in advance - it was thrilling in context and very strong in its own right: a good omen for the season ahead.

And the other highlight in a very good day was seeing Ben Goldacre speak. He is a very impressive performer. Very smart, thinks on his feet, knows how to play the room. A brilliant presenter. It helps that he seems to be a tough cookie with a kind heart, just about my favourite kind of person. Well, you can tell I really warmed to him.

So thanks again to the lovely people I have met this weekend.
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