Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Step Outside

On the subject of assertive delivery I like the Guardian's (ahem) 'Special' on Gordon Brown's new alpha male electoral tactic.
One tactic (for) the three ground-breaking TV debates between the candidates... Brown, instead of responding to a point made by Cameron, would walk over from his microphone with an exaggerated silent display of self-control, bring his face to within an inch of the Tory leader's, and in a subdued voice, ask "what did you just say?"
Possible confrontations under discussion include pushing Andrew Marr out of the way while passing him on a staircase, or thumping the back of Jeremy Paxman's chair so hard that he flinches in shock.

It's not attributed but that's Armando Ianucci's writing isn't it?

ETA full set of new campaign posters can be viewed here. Vote Labour, or else.
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