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Crooked Timber discussion on what 'Books every educated person should read', with the caveats that nominations should have been published since 1970, and that you are limited to two per comment, but what the heck.

There are books that you probably ought to read to establish a basic working knowledge of an area of thought - for example 'how to lie with statistics', or 'the selfish gene', which are both mentioned here - but may be a bit low-brow if you have any sort of expertise in the area. Then there are books which are fundamental texts, but which are a bit too heavy to set as a cultural standard for everyone to be expected to read. Rawls' 'Theory of Justice' for example. Then there are exemplary works of fiction, of which I feel there are just too many to include them all, for example 'Gravity's Rainbow' or 'Love in the time of cholera': one could go on indefinitely.

here are some suggestions:

- the female eunuch, by germaine greer
- the selfish gene, by richard dawkins
- a brief history of time, by stephen hawking
- mythologies, by roland barthes
- neuromancer, by william gibson
- after babel, by george steiner

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