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Last night I went to a hen-night. It was a laugh. My friend is quite well off and rather than have a stripper-gram she hired a naked man to serve us all night, which was quite funny. I suspect we behaved in a more civilised way than his normal experience. He told me he was in Mensa! (bless). He had a big dong, which is probably how he got into that line of work, though he wasn't attractive to me personally, except as a pleasant enough person. He's a male model and he's in one of the shaver ads on telly, so you might recognise him. He was very good at remembering names.

One of the things we did was draw him. I have just tried to scan my pencil sketch (which I am quite proud of) but I can't get the damn scanner to work. If I manage later I'll post again with the pic.
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