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Damn. I've got sciatica. Shit, it's horrible. I had it a little bit when I was pregnant, and I thought I knew what it was. But this time I wasn't able to walk. Back-ache is an absurd condition, because it doesn't look like anything, but it totally stops you doing your stuff. I don't think I have ever been sufficiently considerate of people with back-ache. Yes, something bad only becomes fully real to me when I experience it, ridiculously enough.

It's really annoying because I have a week's leave starting now, and I was going to go out walking every day. It is better today than it was yesterday, which is why I can sit up and muck about on the computer. I might go to the pictures today.

If I carry on improving at this rate I might well be up and about in a few days.

I am worried that this has been brought on by having to lug my computer and all my stuff to and from work. I don't want to have to start driving.
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