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You've Done Too Much, Much Too Young

You may have heard of the British Museum/BBC project A History of the World in 100 objects.
Each week of programmes will be tied to a particular theme, such as ‘after the ice age’ or ‘meeting the gods’. Objects have been selected to cover the broadest possible chronological and geographical period, and tell a history of the world from two million years ago to the present day. The 100 programmes will be broadcast in three tranches throughout 2010.

The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry is doing an off-shoot 'ten objects' project. This exhibit will be launched on the 31st March.

The ten objects are:
E-type Jag
The first safety bike
Coventry Strasse sign
original lyrics sheet for Too Much too Young
Rugby's atomic clock
The first rugby ball
The Waverley flint axe
Frank Whittle's jet engine
William Shakespeare's seal ring
The Sheldon tapestry

The museum have asked my poetry group to create a poem for each of the objects, to be performed on the night the exhibition opens. I think I am going to try Too Much Too Young and the Hand Axe. I've never really tried to write to a commission before, so it might all go horribly wrong.
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