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The shortlist for the BSFA Awards has been announced. Here are the nominated novels:
Ark by Stephen Baxter
Lavinia by Ursula K Le Guin
The City & The City by China Mieville
Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts

I have already read Lavinia. I think I'll read the other three. Well, I'm not sure about Ark because it's a sequel.

Anyway, my reading seems to have slowed to a crawl this month. All I have read if Voices by Le Guin, and The Children's Book on audio (which I've not even finished yet). I have read bits and pieces of other books but nothing all the way through. Something about the restless way I have been feeling. At the moment I'm reading Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? by Leszek Kolakowski, which is just a quick romp through the history of philosophy, from a relatively easy-going capitalist/monotheistic perspective. I find this point of view a bit complacent, but his writing is pleasant to read; he doesn't come across as a git like some modern philosophers.
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