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January 27th, 2010

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10:04 am - St Martin's Day
And another poem.

St Martin's Day

She told me her son was dead
In a police cell
He took his own life
Her eyes were focussed on infinity
Seeing the eyeless room
I do not believe in god
But I said there is infinite mercy
That may be so she said but
He is still there
Forever trapped
In the brick walls of a police station
She wanted to be taken to that cell
She thought his spirit
Would leach out of the walls
Soak into her body like darkness
And she would walk out with him
Entangled in her flesh
Like Orpheus from Hades
Dragging Eurydice
Like Inanna in the underworld
Who hung ten days on a hook
Who walked through blood up to her chin
Who broke up through the soil again
Wiping it from her eyes
Spitting it from her mouth
With all the foetal souls clinging to her
Shackled by suicides
A chain of sons

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