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Quiz on moral values

The other night I couldn't sleep so I was messing about on the Internet at 3am. I spent some time on a site called Your Morals.
We are a group of professors and graduate students in social psychology ... Our goal is to understand the way our "moral minds" work. Why do people disagree so passionately about what is right? Why, in particular, is there such hostility and incomprehension between members of different political parties? By filling out a few of our surveys, you'll help us answer those questions We, in return, will give you an immediate report on how you scored on each study, quiz, or survey. We'll show you how your responses compare to others and we'll tell you what that might say about you.

You have to register, and give your email address, but I am pretty sure it is legit, and private. I did several of the surveys, and it was interesting to see my results.

For instance, I took a test about the importance of five moral principles (harm-avoidance, fairness, loyalty, authority and purity). This graph compares my results (green bar) with the averages for liberals (blue bar) and conservatives (red bar) - American meanings of colours and terms of course.

'Liberals' tend to be higher on harm-avoidance, and lower on concern for purity and authority than conservatives, and my bars do follow that pattern, but more so. But I had a weaker commitment to fairness than a typical US liberal. I think this is because I am a socialist. I think 'to each according to his needs', not 'to each according to what is fair'.

And I am more like a conservative than a liberal in one measure - valuing loyalty. I do value loyalty, and I love England, and the people of all types who live here. And this is part of the reason I am a socialist.

ETA - further down in the site they explore the aesthetic preferences of liberals and conservatives, because their hypothesis is that political differences reflect deep-seated neural preferences, such as tolerance of disorder. I think they probably need to do a lot more on this before they frame any conclusions. As political stance seem to be influenced (though not of course determined) by family environment, the relationship with neural development I think must be reciprocal.

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