Communicator (communicator) wrote,

More on the dilemmas of life

I've posted a couple of f-locked posts bemoaning my boring job. But this morning I think the problem was that I was exhausted. Sometimes I need to recognise when I am worn out, and to let myself have a quiet day. And sometimes I need to give myself a kick up the arse and get on with things. Never sure which is which.

I have had the tests back from the vet and my mother's cat is diabetic. I knew he was. I am taking him in today to start him on insulin. But I have got to say, and I know that people on my f-list will think I am very wrong to say this, I would rather send the money to Haiti than spend hundreds of pounds on keeping a very old cat alive. My dilemma is that I also can't just ignore a dying animal in my house. And my third option - have him put down while my mum is on holiday - no I think that is a step further than I am prepared to go.
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