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The Things

Here's a clever short story. The Things, by Peter Watts, which is a retelling of the film The Thing by John Carpenter (in turn a retelling of the short story Who Goes There by John Campbell) from the point of view of the monster.

(ETA - sorry there is a gratuitous 'rape' metaphor in the very last sentence - he is making a point about consent but nevertheless I thought I should add a warning for readers)


Follow-ups - you can also listen to it on podcast: download here. And a blog post where he moots the concept of the story here.

And there is a metafilter discussion here, which is where I found out a prequel to The Thing is planned. This will recount the events at the Norwegian Camp. *Happy Shivers*

The Thing is one of my all-time top ten movies, even though it stars Kurt Russell. I think it's a wonderful 'base in peril' film, and a sealed room film, with the badness coming from the inside. I honestly don't understand how Carpenter has made such brilliant films, and also such dross.

And also - I'm not thinking today - the writer of this story is that Canadian guy who was beaten up by cops at the US border a couple of weeks ago.

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