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I found this transcription of a phone call between Sarah Watts and David Kelly to throw interesting light on the question of 'sincere belief'.

(taken from Booksurfer who comments "in this Kelly repeats claims about the dossier that closely corroborate Andrew Gilligan's report")

(my emphasis)

DAVID KELLY: because you know the word-smithing is actually quite important, and the intelligence community are a pretty cautious lot on the whole but once you get people putting it/presenting it for public consumption then of course they use different words. I don't think they're being wilfully dishonestI think they just think that
that's the way the public will appreciate it best. I'm sure you have the same problem as a journalist
don't you, sometimes you've got to put things into words that the public will understand


DK: in your heart of hearts you must realise sometimes that's not actually the right thing to say but
it's the only way you can put it over if you've got to get it over in two minutes or three minutes

SW: did you actually write that section which refers to the 45 minutes or was it somebody else?

DK: errr I didn't write THAT section, no I mean I reviewed the whole thing, I was involved with the
whole process . In the end it was just a flurry of activity and it was very difficult to get comments m
because people at the top of the ladder didn't want to hear some of the things.

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