Communicator (communicator) wrote,

No shampoo

I read one of those articles the other day 'Things I wish I had known at 16', you know the kind of thing. Matthew Parris said he would tell his 16 year old self to abandon shampoo and just wash his hair in plain water.

I've often felt that shampooing every day wasn't doing my hair much good, and I need to condition it heavily with every shampoo, but the alternative people usually give is 'Don't wash your hair at all, just brush thoroughly' and I never felt I could go that far.

However, I have now gone a week and a half, washing my hair daily with water only, and I think it's working out pretty well. I think the water is enough to clean it. My hair doesn't feel greasy. I am still blow-drying it, which probably is something else I ought to drop, but I need it dry before I walk to work.

Anyone else tried this, or might like to try it? I'm not sure whether it would work with long hair. Also, when I lived in London my hair and face got a lot dirtier every day, and I'm not sure water would have been enough. But at present, it seems to be working out better than I expected.

I might shampoo once a fortnight or something. Or I might abandon this project if my hair suddenly goes horrible.
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