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Paradox is a new five part SF series on BBC1. I just watched the first episode. I think it's likely to be fairly good: perhaps a bit middle of the road.

The premise is that a scientist monitoring solar flares picks up some pictures from the future, which seem to show a bombing at 8.30 the next evening. He reports it to the police, and a three-person squad lead by Tamsin Outhwaite is set to investigate, and perhaps change the future.

The space scientist is played as a sort of male vamp, all brooding and trying to sex up Tamsin. UST is all very well but this was too much, and from nowhere. Incidentally he is an atheist called Christian King, which - come on - that's a bit heavy-handed.

I much preferred Tamsin's ex-boyfriend and sidekick, Ben, who is older and more prettier I thought.

My guess is this will be one of those things that comes and goes. But I like British short drama series.

(Anyone else watch it?)

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