Communicator (communicator) wrote,

An obscure and poppied world

I want to post about my Victorian gothic kind-of-ancestor Thomas Cooper Gotch, who was a painter in the Newlyn school, and then became a sort of symbolist. My grandmother's maiden name was Gotch, there are only about half a dozen Gotches in England, and we think Thomas Cooper Gotch was a relative of my great-grandfather. So I'm not actually descended from him, he's more of a shady great-uncle.

Here is a gallery of his paintings.
And here is another gallery. You can see the transition from naturalist portrayal of a Cornish fishing village, to stuff with fairies and corpses. And I think I may have worked out what caused this change:
"And as I move through an obscure and poppied world behold a shrouded form that seems to question me! Is this the dead Destroyer, Death? is this the end? Ah no! the pallid arms are raised, the veil divides, a faint sigh breaths my name, and lo, Not night but dawn; not death, but life, or better, life through death, yea Death the Bride!"
(Thomas Gotch)

Honestly, family can be so embarrassing. 'Move through an obscure and poppied world?' I think we know where you are coming from, Thomas.
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