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My children are growing up quickly. My daughter flew out to Germany today to visit her German boyfriend in Munchen Gladbach. My son just phoned to say he's got a job at Kenilworth Castle. He is planning to move out in a few days (eek!) to live with a friend, at least during the week. I think this is a good half-way stage to accustom him to independence. This time next year they will (probably) both be at University. My whole life is changing very rapidly now. For better or worse? Just different. I wouldn't like it if they didn't get older and more independent, but at the same time, I like young children, and I will never be the mother of a young chld again.

I wish we were like the Tralfamadoreans in Slaughterhouse 5. I wish I could come unstuck in time, and enjoy one day looking after babies, then have a day off being middle aged and quiet, then a day being a teenager, and so on.
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